Summer Drops


The tipping point: seasons are about to change. The warm glow turning into a fresh breeze. As others just salute the warmth that is about to come back. As a remembrance of that feeling pieces with this golden glow. Stones like Agate and Aventurine that represent a duality, warm in color and energy but holding us at the same time so we stay focussed and grounded. Let the summer drop.  

Solstice Stones

A dialogue between materials and their sculptural source. Featuring 14CT yellow gold, gold-vermeil, solid bronze, moonstone, black onyx and natural horn. Hot and cool for midsummer nights.



Founding collection 


ADORN presents staple pieces that transcend styles and ages, one which veers away from seasonal collections. The foundation of the collection fuses pure geometric elements with natural forms and includes earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Precious metals such as solid sterling silver, 14CT yellow gold and solid bronze are championed alongside the precious stones onyx, moonstone and black diamond. Carefully crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the first pieces of ADORN are created in limited numbers.

Last of the Summer Wine

A summer day, shielding our eyes from the glare coming off the stone slabs. The constant hum of the wind in the trees, the birds calling to one another. Time is at a standstill, as if forgotten at the gates.

It is a gentle reminder of simplicity, a moment to reflect inwardly. It is an appreciation for the simpler days, for the languid way we move through the season’s heat, for elegance without trying.

Like the pureness of the metals that adorn our bodies — like the glimmer of gold caught between tangled hair or the silver bangles that clink against one another. Jewellery to wear when you don’t want to wear anything at all.

This is a reminder to take things slow, to live with intention. It is our ode to the last of the summer wine.